New Video: Cher Lloyd Featuring Astro, 'Want U Back'

Credit: Getty Images/PictureGroup

Brian Bradley (better known as Astro) on "The X Factor USA" was (and still is!) my favorite "X Factor" contestant. Though he got voted off way too early (RECOUNT!), he still managed to make an impact on hip-hop's elite. He's already caught the attention of Jay-Z, and today we have the video for "Want U Back," his collaboration with "X Factor UK" contestant Cher Lloyd.

"Want U Back" is an insanely catchy and sugary-sweet pop jam that speaks of Cher Lloyd's loser ex who thinks it's OK to take his new chick to all the same spots he took Cher: "Remember all the things that you and I did first/And now you're doing them with her?" Cher pines over some newly posted photos of her ex and his new girlfriend (the internet SUCKS after a breakup) before she's magically teleported through space and time to find herself in the actual picture frames: Cher pours water on her ex's head at dinner, she steals the couple's popcorn at the movies and she draws devil horns on her ex's face. Hey, you and I both know he deserves it.

Adorable Astro makes his cameo next and raps like a professional boss: "We used to be/But now it's a separation/Between you and me/Baby I'm moving on/To another girl/Who understands me more." While we're loving "Want U Back," we're once again perplexed about the mental state of idiot humans who think it's even a little acceptable to dump girls that are gorgeous, successful and hot like Cher. We will never understand!

+ Watch Cher Lloyd featuring Astro, "Want U Back."