New Video: Chiddy Bang, 'Ray Charles'

If Chiddy Bang's new video for "Ray Charles" means anything, it's that their forthcoming debut album Breakfast (out Feb. 28) is gonna slay the game dead. The retro vibe of the track pays homage to the song's inspiration, Ray Charles, and we've never not been into a Ray Charles homage: "Yeah, hey yo, I'm feelin' like Ray Charles/I got my shades on/I don't know where they are/You couldn't find me even if you had a radar."

"Ray Charles" begins with Chiddy and Xaphoon chilling at home getting their snack, but they're quickly transported to a 1950s variety show where Chiddy does his best Ray Charles impression while Xaphoon rocks the saxophone. Just as the boys get comfortable, they're jolted back (forward?) to the '90s as we see them rapping on the streets of NYC. Dressed as "The Blues Brothers," the boys take over a church, pal around with the gospel choir and have a dance off with the congregation. Kudos on bringing back the playful rap, bros. We need some of that around these parts.

+ Watch Chiddy Bang's "Ray Charles" video.