Willow Smith Gets An Assist From Nicki Minaj In The Wig Department (PHOTO)

Credit: @OfficialWillow

Nicki Minaj and Willow Smith almost became sisters while filming the video for their collabo "Fireball." So it makes sense, then, that Nicki would allow her lil' sis Willow to borrow one of her wigs -- "Sisterhood Of The Traveling Beehive," anyone?

Yesterday, along with a pic of her donning Nicki's pink and blonde updo wig, Willow tweeted, "Thank you @nikkiminaj [sic] you're amazing!!!" We happen to agree, and big ups to Nicki for being such a thoughtful big sister! There's nothing more important than setting a good example for today's youngsters... so let's just focus on Nicki's sharing and generosity instead of her lyrics, 'kay?

We can't help but be a little bit obsessed with Nicki and Willow's budding sister-ship. Imagine what the future holds: Nicki and Willow on joint shopping trips! Nicki and Willow on mini vacations! Nicki and Willow on mani/pedi dates! And maybe Nicki and Willow back in the studio, cooking up more collaborations?! Yes, please. Get these two a sitcom while they're at it -- I can't be the only one waiting to see them reenact the opening sequence of "Laverne & Shirley."