Star Spotting: Rihanna Is Always Having More Fun Than You

Credit: Splash News

I don't really know anything about sports, but I have paid enough attention to know that fans are pumped that basketball is back after that lockout or lockdown or someone lost the lock to something or whatever! Rihanna is clearly one of those fans, as we see her laughing it up in this photo from the Lakers game this weekend in Los Angeles. I'd be cackling like that, too, if I could dial a number and get courtside seats, just like that. When is someone going to make me famous already, geez!

The "We Found Love" singer also took some time out this weekend to congratulate her friends Beyoncé and Jay-Z on the birth of their healthy baby daughter/most famous baby in the entire world, Blue Ivy Carter. Rihanna tweeted, "Welcome to the world princess Carter!"

In case you're keeping track, Rihanna sat courtside at the Lakers game and publicly welcomed hip-hop royalty Blue Ivy into the world -- in the same weekend. Trade lives with me, Ri?