UK Girl Group Sugababes Reunites, Pop Music Is Saved!

Credit: Getty Images

OMG, pop music enthusiasts and Anglophiles! In basically the Best Thing To Happen to Pop Music Since the History of Ever, the utterly amazing British girl group the Sugababes are reuniting and planning on releasing new music together. YES!!!!!!!!

For more than a decade, the Sugababes have been one of the U.K.'s best girl groups. Since appearing on the scene in 2000, the 'Babes have released some of the smartest, most innovative pop in the game, ratcheting up some BRIT awards, a pile of No. 1 hits and massive critical praise. But they went through a number of lineup changes since their inception as a trio of teens: First, ethereal redhead goddess Siobhan Donaghy left the group (and was replaced), then soulful Mutya Buena exited (and was replaced), and finally, the last founding member, Keisha Buchanan, departed the group (and was replaced), meaning that Sugababes 4.0 maintains none of the original members of Sugababes 1.0. (Did you follow that? Yeah, I'm confused too.)

But now, it's been confirmed that the original group -- who haven't worked together in over a decade -- are back in the studio, working on some new tracks, as tweets from two of the members confirmed yesterday. (This is kinda like if Beyoncé tweeted out of nowhere, "Hey! Just in the studio with my girls Kelly and LaTavia and LeToya cranking out some new tunes! The Writing's On The Wall, Vol. 2, y'all! U mad?!" and we all burst into tears out of sheer joy.) And though details haven't been announced officially, Sugababes 1.0 are working with a list of seriously dope producers. So basically 2012 is THE GREATEST YEAR EVER.