New Video: Mac Miller, 'Of The Soul'

In his "Of The Soul" video, MC Mac Miller's got the blues -- and the yellows and the greens and browns. The Pittsburgh MC spends the video rapping in front of his Blue Slide Park album art, hitting a soundstage solo as similarly Blue'd-up lady dancers shimmy in some other frames. Speaking of, Miller rocks some sweet tortoise shells in the minimalist clip, along with enough general swag to land him a job at DONDA: He digs deep into his closet for runway-ready looks ranging from 1) hoodie, camo pants, snapback 2) cardigan, Chucks, Hammer pants (?!), bling, snapback, and 3) the retro glasses, graphic tee, raincoat, snapback. Confirmed: Mac Miller is a hat lover.

The track's the fourth single from Blue Slide Park, the first independent debut album to top the charts since -- woof! -- Snoop pals Tha Dogg Pound's 1995 effort Dogg Food. Though dude's a newcomer, "Of The Soul" shows respect to the hip-hop greats: The song name-drops De La Soul and quotes Nas' "One Time 4 Your Mind." And Miller thinks he's ready for the high life, too: "All of a sudden, every legend keep on mentioning my name," he raps. We're staying tuned, for sure... with our new snapbacks on, of course.

+ Watch Mac Miller's "Of The Soul" video.