POSTED: T-Pain On His Taxi Driver Days, Meeting Michael Jackson

If one of your New Year's resolutions was to learn everything about rapper T-Pain, then lucky for you, he’s our POSTED artist for January! (Also, congrats on the weirdest New Year's resolution ever.) Memorizing every lyric from his rEVOLVEr album may have held you over last year, but this month we're offering interviews, videos and more about the "Let Me Talk" singer.

Our first clip offers a sneak peek at T-Pain's "When I Was 17" interview where T chats about his humble days as the one and only Tallahassee Taxi -- since T. Pain was the only guy with a car, in high school, he'd charge friends gas money for rides across town. Dude was hustlin' since the beginning.

Up next, a video of T-Pain admitting what it was like meeting Michael Jackson. He even divulges something that Jackson told the rapper personally: "He had to meet me because 'Bartender' is the only song that he sent someone to the record store to get for him... So that helped me out with the rest of my life." From chauffeuring friends to having The Kind Of Pop demanding your music -- just a bit of a life change, NBD.

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+ Watch T-Pain discuss his taxi driving days below, and check out more videos after the jump.