Star Spotting: Ke$ha's New Beard Is Our Drug

Credit: Put Your Beard In My Mouth

Take note: Glitter is so 2011. Ke$ha's newest obsession is beards, and girl is taking the trend to a whole new level. The "Your Love Is My Drug" singer turned her facial hair obsession up to 11 when she started the Tumblr "Put Your Beard In My Mouth." It catalogs random dudes sporting her favorite au naturel accessory. Now, Ke$ha's added a pic of herself in a crafty yarn version. -- D.I.Y.! Don't worry, ladies looking for some serious face warmth (or guys lacking in the puberty department) can also get in on the faux lumberjack look! 2012 already wins.

With Ke$ha promising a serious rock album this year, we're totally down with the new look ('cause everyone knows facial hair means real artist). But, girl, we're calling you out if you start sporting a goatee. No excuse for those things EVER!