New Video: Jessie J, 'Domino'

"Domino," Jessie J's sugary sweet pop record is like, so fantastic that it got TWO music videos! Back in October, we brought you the first version, which consisted primarily of a series of snapshots, close-ups and cute Jessie J moments taking place everywhere from Vegas to NYC to Los Angeles (girl is on plane like, alll the time).

Jessie's new "Domino" video is more of an ode to neon, skintight bodysuits, and Jessie's incredible hair. The video is a nonstop color fest, and it features Jessie in a plethora of wigs and various ensembles dancing in front of a series of animated wall backgrounds (what else would you call a wall that suddenly looks like it's a cartoon?).

One second Jessie's rocking some jet-black hair paired with a Batgirl-esque ensemble and the next, she's a redheaded wonder sporting some seriously dope gold studs on her lips. (Don't worry, they're stick-ons!) Jessie changes outfits about 89 more times, but as the video comes to a close, she's miraculously back in the same outfit she started with. Oh, and did I mention there's an amazing purple lipstick-meets-blinged-out rhinestone mask moment? #bestvideoever

+ Watch Jessie J's "Domino" video.