Scissor Sisters, Oh My!, Chelsea Korka + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Wednesday! Time for another round of 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs for the Week!

This week's wrap-up includes some shady lovin' disco style, some brilliant new dance-pop princesses on the rise and even a special birthday wish from Princess RiRi to me. I mean... I'm just assuming it was written explicitly for me.

Credit: Getty, Picture Group, Moxiie, 649 Records

1.) Scissor Sisters, "Shady Love"

Kicking off 2012 in style, the filthy/gorgeous boys (and fabulous girl) of the Scissor Sisters unveiled their first new single since the release of their magnificent 2010 disco odyssey Night Work on BBC's Radio 1 on Monday morning: "Shady Love." Produced by German electro DJ Boyz Noise, "Shady Love" takes the disco-minded pop outfit out from Studio 54 and suits them with a fresh, sizzling electro coating -- and some street cred to boot, thanks to an assist by much-buzzed-about Brooklyn MC, Azealia Banks.

That's right: For the first time ever, Sisters frontman Jake Shears (who, for the record, can get my shady love any time he wants) takes his turn rapping alongside Banks, freestyling with a sexy bad boy confidence falling in line somewhere between NYC rapper Cazwell and Justin Timberlake. "She gon' vote for Obama, and she like to dance to Madonna," Shears playfully spits.

Disco melodies, sizzling electronic beats and free-flowing rhymes? Mmhmm, mmhmm! + LISTEN TO SCISSOR SISTERS, "SHADY LOVE"

2.) Moxiie, "Dancing In Dirt"

You probably haven't heard of Moxiie yet, and that's OK. But judging by the bangin' beats of her debut Jungle Pop EP, you'll know her soon enough. The NYC-bred pop songstress has spent years penning tracks for other artists, but now she's decided to do it herself. Enlisting producers like Fredro (Wonder Girls) and Reo (Beyonce), Moxiie's crafted a sublime 8-track collection of jagged pop hooks, thumping world beats and blazing synthesizers that should have David Guetta's ears perked up at full attention.

One of the best of the bunch is "Dancing In Dirt," an utterly colossal club-pop smash recalling Wynter Gordon's finest. The resilience anthem is full of empowering lyrics, but the real power comes when the earth shattering, pearl-clutching stomper of a chorus finally hits: "Don't you feel sorry for me, 'cause I'll be dancing in the dirt!" Moxxie shouts before the beat breaks. Seriously, I defy you not to groove. + LISTEN TO MOXIIE, "DANCING IN DIRT"

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3.) Oh My!, "Bad Date"

Aside from discovering your fly's been down the entire day at work or realizing you just ate the last Oreo in the sleeve, there are few worse things in life than a bad date. The feisty ladies of up-and-coming U.K. electro-pop duo Oh My! certainly know this, so they've gone ahead and penned a delightfully rowdy track to perfectly summarize the feeling.

"This is a bad date," the girls announce off the top of the Michael Woods/Amir Amor-produced sing-songy banger. From there, the details come pouring in a mile a minute above pulsing house beats: "He picked me up in his grandmother's car/He left a tab with my name at the bar," the girls lament. Yuck! But one man's (or woman's) trashy date is another one's treasure of a pop track, and "Bad Date" is one certifiable treat. With a beat so fresh and frantic, you'll almost forget he made you pay for gas on the way to McDonald's! Almost. + LISTEN TO OH MY!, "BAD DATE"

4.) Chelsea Korka, "Make Me Feel"

Remember the Paradiso Girls? Um, of course you do: They were the incredibly amazing, incredibly short-lived international version of the Pussycat Dolls responsible for the almighty 2010 drunk-pop anthem, "Patron Tequila." Sadly, the group failed to launch from the get-go and disbanded by late 2010. But it's like Kelly Clarkson always said (oh OK, and Nietzsche): What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Earlier this week, Chelsea Korka, the group's U.S.-based brunette bombshell, launched her own solo project with a brand-new 5-track EP of throbbing dance tunes crafted alongside LMFAO's Sky Blu and rising producer Mark Rosas, including "Make Me Feel." "I love the way you make me feel when I'm back in your arms again," the girl group-turned dance floor diva croons on the vaguely '90s club-inspired number. While I'll always be waiting with bated breath for a Paradiso reboot, Korka's blazing beats might just be enough to subdue the cravings. + LISTEN TO CHELSEA KORKA, "MAKE ME FEEL"

5.) Rihanna, "Birthday Cake"

Rihanna's "Birthday Cake" has been out since November, so why's it just being mentioned now? Well, because I'm a card-carrying member of the Rihanna Navy (DUH), but also because it's my birthday tomorrow! Yay!

The bouncy, The-Dream-produced finger-lickin' number isn't just a thinly veiled ode to getting down on your birthday via plentiful cake metaphors ("But he want to lick the icing off..."), it's pure poetry, and one of the best moments from her filthy, fun new album Talk That Talk. And even though it's but a mere one-minute interlude for now, fear not -- Ri's already promised her sweet-toothed fans that a full version of the song will be her first priority in 2012.

I'm actually living for the moment that I can sing "And it's not even my birthday..." and then go "OH WAIT, ACTUALLY IT IS." Time for some...cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake! + LISTEN TO RIHANNA, "BIRTHDAY CAKE"

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