New Song: Justin Bieber And Jaden Smith, 'Happy New Year'

Credit: Getty Images

Remember when we weren't sure if anything could top the super adorbz moment when Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith wore matching fur hats, matching fur boots and matching DENIM JACKETS WITH LEATHER LOUIS VUITTON SLEEVES? Well, happy effing new year, guys, because the fiery bromance between these two besties continues as they've unveiled "Happy New Year," a New Year's Eve-themed slow jam and the latest Bieber-Jaden collabo.

This New Year's Eve, along with a link to his new song, Justin tweeted, "Thank you for 2011, lets have a better 2012! #happynewyear." Consummate wordsmith Jaden opens the track with rhymes about the classic New Year's Eve countdown and about the huge crew he's gathered in his crib: "'Bout to count down/'Cause we got a whole crew here.../They 'bout to party hardy." (And by "party hardy," we hope he means "nurse some Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider.")

The Biebs is up next, and he sings the hook like a boss: "It's the start of the new year/Baby, baby yeah.../Wanna make your cheeks red when I kiss your neck/Five, four, three, two, one, kiss me." OK, so truth time: How not OK is it that I'd literally die to be the Biebs' New Year's kiss? And I'm 25?

+ Listen to Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith, "Happy New Year."