Buzzworthy's Post-Holiday Leftovers: Beyonce's Baby, Cats + Dubstep, Pants-Free Rihanna & More

Wait, why are you on the internet? Aren't there enough daytime judge shows to last you? Or shouldn't you be out searching for the most flattering "2012" glasses for New Year's Eve? (Spoiler alert: There aren't any.) No? Well, then thanks for checking in on us! We're still trying to eat ourselves to the bottom of this never-ending cookie tin (BRB, GETTING A HEART TATTOO THAT SAYS "CARBS") but since you guys insist on being entertained (the nerve!), here are some of our favorite links from the year that was 2011. If you're looking for more, check out Buzzworthy's Post-Holiday Stocking Stuffers. And if you still want more internet after that, I don't know -- maybe read a book.

+ We hope you guys got everything you wanted for Christmas! And if you didn't, we seriously hope you kept it to yourselves... unlike these people.

+ Remember when that little girl in Texas was elected "Mayor For A Day" and named her street "Justin Bieber Way"? LITTLE TEXAS GIRL FOR PRESIDENT 2012.

+ OMG HUGZ. WE LOVE HUGGING!!! So do these pop stars! We have the photos to prove it.

+ Did you guys get Lady Gaga's loving and heartfelt Christmas message in the form of her new song, "Stuck On F****n' You"? Aww, Gaga, you shouldn't have!

+ We know Britney Spears had a great Christmas vacation -- girl is newly engaged! Let's all "Aww" together at photos of her and her man, Jason Trawick.

+ On the flip side, some of our other faves done broke up this year. Reminisce over our Saddest Celebrity Breakups photo gallery, and see who you can start practicing The Secret on.

+ Hollywood Crush ran down some of the year's best Ryan Gosling moments. While there were many, one reigned supreme: his face.

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+ Dubstep, schmubstep -- 2012's new jam is Meowstep. You're welcome. In related news, pass me my boyfriend pillow.

+ Still suffering from post-traumatic stress from that naked bronze statue of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

+ You guys have seen the best new Tumblr EVER, The Same Picture Of Dave Coulier Every Day, right? FINALLY, someone's doing the internet right.

+ The 30 Cutest Couples of 2011! I could have settled on 30 photos of Ice-T and Coco, but I march to the beat of a different drummer.

+ If you don't have your New Year's dress planned already, then you're S.O.L. MTV Style to the rescue!

+ We love when blogs use their power for good -- like for highlighting Rihanna's best pants-free looks.

+ Remember how Kanye West and Jay-Z stole ALL THE SWAG? Also, I wonder what 2012's "swag" will be. My vote is for "moxie."

+ WAIT. You heard that Beyoncé could be in labor like, right now, didn't you? I think I speak for everyone when I say "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

+ Au revoir, 2011. We'll miss you! But before you rip off the first page on your "Islands" page-a-day daily desk calendar (escapism!), look back through some of Buzzworthy's best music moments of 2011.