Justin Bieber Hangs With Jay-Z, Kanye West And About A Billion Other Famous People! (PHOTO)

Credit: killerlego.tumblr.com

Yesterday along with his favorite word, "SWAG," Justin Bieber tweeted a pic of himself chilling with Jay-ZKanye West, Aziz Ansari, Kid Cudi, Tyler, The Creator and a lady we can't seem to place (help us out?). We don't really know where this was taken or why the hell the time stamp is from the '80s, but HOLY SMOKES, HOW DO ALL OF THESE PEOPLE KNOW EACH OTHER?!?!?

Some key things to point out moving from left to right: Even while wearing his controversial "Occupy All Streets" T-shirt, Jay-Z just doesn't give an eff about nothin', once again proving he's the ultimate boss. (Is he chewing on a toothpick?) Next, we've got that mystery chick who, in addition to looking like she's probably pretty in real life, is RECEIVING A KISS ON THE CHEEK FROM KANYE WEST. Aziz Ansari is making his usual "I'M HILARIOUS!" face while the Biebs, decked in a leopard print baseball jacket, is sporting the quietly smug "Yo, check out who my dope friends are" look. Kid Cudi's got the "I'm a cool rapper" hand gesture down, while Tyler, The Creator looks like he was just put in time-out. (Real quick, does this remind anyone else of "Friends"?)

Though we have no clue why or where this photo was taken, I will state for the record that it is my ultimate dream Christmas card (with me Photoshopped in, of course). I'd like to print a small batch of 100 to send to my nearest and dearest friends. Text me if that's cool, Biebs.

*UPDATE*: We've identified the mystery lady as "Parks and Recreation" actress Rashida Jones. We were right: totally pretty in real life.