New Song: Blitzen Trapper, 'Christmas Is Coming Soon'

Credit: Getty Images

It's a wonder why "Christmas is Coming Soon" is Blitzen Trapper's only holiday tune -- dudes are named after a reindeer. But like finding that gift you begged for all month under another pile of gym socks (we asked for argyle!), we'll take it. This "Christmas" finds the Portland band going into finger-picking acoustic mode, assisted only by some softly shaken sleigh bells. But definitely not those Sleigh Bells.

With its gentle '70s harmonies, it's more sunny California than white Christmas, but hey, West Coasters have holidays, too, The band's offbeat take extends to the lyrics: Singer Eric Earley tells Rolling Stone the song's about "the real Santa Claus, who we all know lives in southern Oregon in a double wide trailer and drinks too much peppermint Schnapps from a straw." Um, ew? We'll stick to eggnog. (Never thought I'd say that.)

The track's actually from 2008 indie Christmas collection "I'll Stay 'Til After Christmas," which includes keyboard cuties Au Revoir Simone and mellow rockers Papercuts, but Blitzen Trapper's giving it away for free this week in the spirit of the season. We're getting our alphabetization on and popping it right between Bieber and Buble on this year's playlist.

+ Hear Blitzen Trapper's "Christmas Is Coming Soon"