New Song: Adam Lambert, 'Better Than I Know Myself'

Adam Lambert gets way down on himself in the dynamic lead single off of his upcoming second album. In the opening lines of "Better Than I Know Myself," the ever-glammy "American Idol" alum claims he's "cold as ice" and "more bitter than a December winter night." He also points out that he's got a lousy temper and "can be obnoxious at times." Not sure if we're buying all that bad-mouthing, but we're all in for the high-drama synth, crunchy beats and soaring vocals that make "Better Than I Know Myself" one of Adam's biggest, boldest and most beautiful tracks to date.

The first offering from Trespassing (the follow-up to 2009's For Your Entertainment), "Better Than I Know Myself" is a mid-tempo power ballad that gives us a gorgeous taste of that "existential pop" sound Adam mentioned in a recent interview (from the song's heart-slugging chorus: "I know it gets hard sometimes, but I could never leave your side... I really need you near me to keep my mind off the edge"). Tender yet intense, "Better Than I Know Myself" bumps up our Trespassing expectations that much higher -- and leaves us thankful that Adam's always brave enough to wear his heart on his sleeve, even when he's feeling all angsty and blue.

Trespassing drops March 20.

+ Listen to Adam Lambert's "Better Than I Know Myself."

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