Michael Bublé + Jimmy Fallon Spoof Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber + More In 'SNL' Skit (VIDEO)

Credit: Getty Images

I guess the fact that Michael Bublé's holiday album Christmas is sitting comfortably atop the Billboard 200 albums chart earns him the right to make fun of every other celebrity ever. As this past weekend's musical guest on "Saturday Night Live," Bublé was joined by Jimmy Fallon for a big-ass spoof fest via a hilarious mock commercial for a fake Michael Bublé' holiday duets album featuring some of our favorite pop stars. Is it wrong that we sooooo wish this was real?

As Bublé tries to sing holiday classics, Fallon assumes the role of acts like StingRussell Brand and a purple hoodie-wearing, mushroom haircut-rocking Justin Bieber, who throws flirty heart signs and winks to the camera the entire time on-screen (art imitates life, y'all). Other celebs that received the spoof treatment: Taylor Swift, who's portrayed in a gold sparkly dress looking shocked after receiving yet another award, M.I.A. and Ke$ha, whose hair was looking just a wee bit unkempt (see last parenthetical). Country crooner and "American Idol" winner Scotty McCreery was teased a little, too, while Kanye West was depicted rapping with heavy Auto-Tune and declaring he was better than Jesus. Lady Gaga got some airtime, too -- she was played by a Christmas tree. (And you and I both know that's not actually too far from the truth.)

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