New Song: Jonas Brothers, 'Dance Until Tomorrow'

Credit: WireImage

HOLY OMFG. A new Jonas Brothers song has leaked, and I AM SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY! I've been dreaming about the day when my favorite bro'd-out trio would reunite, and while "Dance Until Tomorrow" is only a leak (aka they're not actually getting back together... yet) it still completes my life in ways I would never publicly admit I could never imagine.

"Dance Until Tomorrow" is an upbeat, high-energy, super poppy tune that reminds me a little bit of the JoBro's masterpiece (and Pop Up Video) "Burnin Up." Swarming synths and sparse electric guitars leave ample room for listeners to appreciate the Jonas' slick pop vocals: "Calling you out/Calling you out/So you can see what's going on/Breaking it down/Breaking it down/'Cause I can see that something wrong.../It's like you're losing yourself." I'm constantly surprised by how tight the Jonas' harmonies are, but then I remember they were birthed from the same womb, so obviously they're in sync.

The hook speaks of a girl who has made a terrible life call -- she angered the Jonas Brothers: "No, I never thought we'd come this far (Oh, oh!)/Got enough for me to break my heart (Oh, oh)/When the music stops/Promise me that you won't let it go/Keep dancing 'til tomorrow." Not that I'll ever understand the crazy chicks who piss off hot celebs, but at least they inspire fun pop songs. (No, but seriously, breaking the heart of a Jonas? MAKES NO SENSE!)

+ Listen to Jonas Brothers' "Dance Until Tomorrow."