Rihanna Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Her 'You Da One' Video

Credit: Getty Images

If Rihanna wasn't so sweet, pretty and talented, we'd most definitely kinda hate her for being such a tease with her new "You Da One" video. As we wait in anticipation, Rihanna's already released several stills from the video, and today, we're treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot.

The footage begins with the obligatory "My stylist is primping my hair" shot as RiRi tells us that "Yo Da One" is being filmed in London. (Must be nice to fly wherever the hell you want just to shoot a three-minute mini-movie.) Rihanna, who admits she's running on only one hour of sleep (!!!), miraculously has zero bags under her eyes and looks as fresh-faced as ever while dancing seductively for the camera. She's surrounded by giant playing cards (maybe a casino-themed plot?) and rocks a swagged-out walk with the help of a black cane. And the question everyone is wondering -- yes, Rihanna's custom grill makes a brief cameo as well.

So we've got giant playing cards, a cane and platinum-plated teeth. No clue how all that's gonna come together to create a bomb-ass video, but does it really matter? Rihanna is wearing A BLINGED-OUT CUSTOM GRILL. What more do you need?!

+ Watch Rihanna behind the scenes of her "You Da One" video shoot.

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