Star Spotting: Demi Lovato Dances Night Away, Somehow Doesn't Sweat

Credit: @ddlovato

When Demi Lovato goes Latin dancing with her friends, she doesn't just head to the local club; she goes to Puerto Rico! OK, technically she's already there to perform a concert in Hato Rey, but some famous peeps actually have private jets to take them anywhere, anytime. And sometimes we want to pretend that we have one too. Is that so wrong?

The "Skyscraper" singer tweeted a pic of herself with two amigas along with a caption, "Just got done salsa dancing my butt off in Puerto Rico... With my girls @bootsieb and @MsPChu!!" Judging that all three ladies still look adorbz after an evening of dancing in the heat, we're thinking they're salsa pros (or famous people just don't sweat). They have private jets and don't sweat -- stars, they're nothing like us.