New Video: Mindless Behavior, 'Christmas With My Girl'

Credit: Kareem Black/MTV

Mindless Behavior is the most selfless boy band ever. Instead of diamond earrings, the latest Nike dunks, or a blinged out Xbox, all Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton want for Christmas are their girls! (We're assuming they have crushes on four individual ladies, or else that'd get pretty weird pretty fast).

"Christmas With My Girl" features the boys decked in holiday gear, sporting some red puffy jackets, red sunglasses, red flannel and those hunting hats with the flap things (we know fashion!). Stationed outside a house in the suburbs, the boys rap and sing as perfectly shaped snowflakes fall down around them. A teen love/cuteness overload occurs as each of the guys try to flirt with girls and make this Christmas the best they've ever had. There's the gratuitous "lets build a snowman with a carrot nose" scene, the "let's play games by the fire" scene and of course, the "come over and help me decorate the Christmas tree" scene. The slick flirting tactics of these mini-bosses receive rave reviews, and each Mindless Behavior dude gets a really big hug from their girl! The video closes with a perfectly curated montage of the MB boys sledding down a snow-covered hill only to wrap up the evening with a romantic marshmallow roasting session for their ladies.

Damn, those are some mad thoughtful dudes right there to just wanna give their girls a perfect Christmas. Though I'm pretty confident that if Santa "accidentally" slipped a Bentley or Maybach under the Christmas tree, nobody would complain.

+ Watch Mindless Behavior's "Christmas With My Girl" video.