Justin Bieber's Interactive Video Will Get Him To Fall In Love With You (Or A Cat)

Everyone knows that no one will buy anything anymore unless the product's website has some kind of interactive video. And Justin Bieber's a smart businessteen, so he's giving fans a pretty hilarious opportunity to "star" in one of his videos.

Over at experience.justinbiebersomeday.com, fans can upload a photo of themselves and watch it play out on a phone that Justin is holding in his video that's promoting his fragrance, Someday. "Hey, I'm Justin," he says as he opens the video. "I just wanted to shout out to this girl I saw at Starbucks the other day. She's like a vision in my mind... but the thing I remember most was your amazing scent. I couldn't get through the crowd so I managed to snag a few pics. Check it out." And that's when your photo shows up on Justin Bieber's phone! Commence mass hysteria.

Listen, we know this adorable little video is probably meant for 16-year-olds, but being the super mature professionals we are, we thought we'd upload some photos that probably weren't intended to be featured on Justin's phone. Or just a whole bunch of pictures of cats, whatev.

+ Check out our take on Justin Bieber's Dream Shot Someday fragrance video, and make your own at experience.justinbiebersomeday.com.