New Video: Chris Brown Featuring K-Mac, 'Strip'

It's not very often that you see chicks dancing around in bikinis while it's snowing, but I guess that's a testament to the power Chris Brown wields over the ladies. In his new Kevin McCall (aka K-Mac)-assisted video "Strip," Chris is chilling somewhere with snow-covered mountaintops yet somehow manages to throw a boiling hot bikinis-only party in his mansion. But it's not just chicks -- Chris, too, gets a little naked as he "accidentally" lifts his shirt up to reveal what we're assuming is like, a bazillion pack of abs. As the party rages on, Chris hits on more chicks and reveals his true motive: "Girl I just wanna see you strip, right now/Cause it's late, late/Girl I just wanna see you strip/Girl I just wanna see you strip." Wait, what do you want to see your girl do, Chris? We missed it.

Party cohost and wordsmith K-Mac is also a shirtless wonder as he begs the scantily clad chicks around him to get a little more rowdy and a little less dressed: "You got it hot momma/You're hotter than a sauna/I wanna put clothes on your body like a banana/The only reason I dress you in that designer/Is to get you out that Dolce and Gabbana."

While this may be slightly controversial, I'd potentially consider playing a PG round of strip poker just to get some free designer duds. I mean, anyone seen THIS lately? Case closed. And try not to judge me, kthxbai.

+ Watch Chris Brown's "Strip" video.