Britney Spears Gives REALLY GOOD Birthday Presents! (PHOTO)

Credit: Britney Spears

It's no surprise that Twitter seems to be the social network getting the most celeb love these days. But  Britney Spears is an equal opportunity updater, dividing her time and content equally between Twitter and that other social networking site, also known as Facebook.

If you've spent the bulk of your time perusing Brit's Twitter page for updates and nuggets on her life, then let us advise you to also pop over to Facebook where you'll find a plethora of photos displayed on Britney's new "timeline" (when will they stop with the changes?!). You'll also find crucial information, like her "relationship status" (TAKEN!), her employer (Mickey Mouse Club!?) and her hometown (which we all know is Kentwood, Louisiana).

Check out one of the latest pics on Brit's timeline: A BADASS motorcycle that Brit bought her main man, Jason Trawick. Britney linked to a photo of the motorcycle on Twitter and said, "Hbday Jason! He looked so cool in the video, that I had to get him a new motorcycle... Check out this new Confederate Bike I got him!" Jason played the "bad guy" in Brit's "Criminal" video and escaped getting caught by speeding on his bike off into the distance.

It's really cool when life imitates art, guys, especially when that means having your hot, world-famous GF buy you a dope-ass motorcycle for your birthday. Hopefully Brit and Jason don't start shoplifting though.

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