Star Spotting: In Case You Forgot, Jennifer Lopez Is Buff!

Credit: Splash News

Jennifer Lopez arrived at "American Idol" auditions yesterday in Califorinia, and the mom of two thought it'd be a great time to show off her tanned, toned arms. Because yes, nearly a week before Christmas is the perfect time to bust out the sleeveless dress. I'm sorry, but you people in L.A. have no idea what real life is! (Or maybe I'm just jealous of your forever sunny lives. Tough call.)

If you're keeping track, not only is Jennifer Lopez gorgeous (duh), talented and supersweet as a judge and mentor on "American Idol," but we're reminded once again by this photo that the 42-year-old can probably beat you up. Where does she find the time?! I guess when you've danced your way through as many music videos as J. Lo has (as evidenced by her upcoming greatest-hits album!), there's likely to be some residual effects.