Mindless Behavior Show Us Their Best Jay-Z Impression On Set Of Their 'Christmas With My Girl' Video

It's hard feeling even slightly cool when the four heartthrobs of Mindless Behavior (aka Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton) ooze more dopeness in a single sneeze. But not only were the R&B mini-moguls cool enough to share an exclusive look at the set of their "Christmas With My Girl" video, but they even spilled secrets in an exclusive interview! We can already feel our fly meter on the rise.

The "My Girl" singers admit that they're "all pretty clean," but when asked which one of the teens is messiest, Roc Royal got the blame. We hope you guys at least make him do the dishes on the tour bus to make up for that. Besides their gift of cleanliness, the group shared other hidden talents. Ray Ray pulls out a hilarious Jay-Z impression, while Roc Royal shares his wide vocal range: "I have the deepest voice in the group. It went from the highest to lowest."

Our second exclusive video with Mindless Behavior offers a sneak peek behind the scenes at the foursome's "Christmas With My Girl" set along with a special guest star -- Frosty! They chat about filming with real snow in L.A. and discuss their favorite holiday tunes. Plus, Princeton offers fans the ultimate surprise: "We're going to definitely do a Christmas album. I think it would be cool to give the fans a great, positive album." We hope that comes with some kind of special synchronized Christmas dance. Why hasn't anyone done one of those yet?

+ Watch Mindless Behavior's Q&A interview below to hear about their messy side, fan gifts and more. Also, learn the guys' favorite Christmas songs in our video interview on the set of their video "Christmas With My Girl" after the jump.