Buzzworthy's Post-Holiday Stocking Stuffers: Justin Bieber Doll Shirts, Drake Sweaters, VIP Cats & More

OMG HI! How was your Christmas? Really? That's so excellent! I'm sure that mock turtleneck will look... just as bad on you as it does in the box! You should've asked for a print of Weird Al Yankovic crossed with a dinosaur. Oh well...

Oh, you're bored? You successfully watched EVERYTHING IN YOUR WHOLE, ENTIRE NETFLIX QUEUE? Damn. Well, thanks for stopping by, even though you're officially the ONE person online today. Most everyone else is out returning stuff. And you really should return that turtleneck, bro. Seriously. But until you change out of your Forever Lazy, here are a few post-holiday stocking stuffers to enjoy. It's some of our favorite Buzzworthy and MTV moments of the year, and some of the greatest hits of 2011 from our friends around the internet. Enjoy! (Also, please shower.)

+ Wait, so, did anyone get a stuffed animal version of Boo The Dog for the holidays? Because we sure didn't.

+ But, more important, did anyone remember to get YOUR DOLLS their own Justin Bieber shirts? I hope so!

+ BuzzFeed tallied up the 50 best celebrity tweets of 2011. Because someone had to. Just not us.

+ They also pulled together a list of the 20 most important cats of 2011.

OMG! Cats in SPACE!

+ Man, pop stars went to the airport ALL THE TIME this year!

+ Speaking of pop stars and pets, HOW ADORABLE IS SELENA GOMEZ'S DOG!?!?!? WANT!

+ BRB, STILL bawling over Demi Lovato's Spanish verison of "Skyscraper."

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+ Remote Control, the world's foremost authority on MTV reality shows, pulled together the best cries on MTV. Brillz, no?

+ F'ril brilliant: MTV Iggy's "Best New Band In The World" concert with 2NE1!

+ Katy Perry wore a LOT of excellent things. But MTV Style had their eyes on the prize: the VERY BEST things Katy Perry wore all year.

+ Drake wore a LOT of sweaters this year.

+ Taylor Swift's surprised face is just the best. It NEVER, EVER, EVER gets old.

+ And neither does this vintage video (I mean, it's from 2008, so that's vintage) of a Jonas Brothers fan LOSING HER ISH after she met Kevin Jonas. Still gold.

+ You're aware that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's babies have their own website called, right? Yep. That's a real thing.

+ We barely remember 2011. Thank goodness we have these pop music GIFs and the funniest music videos of the year to remind us of everything important that happened.