Our Favorite Holiday Songs That Aren't Totally Mortifying + A Few That Definitely Are

Right now it's no doubt that you're either knee-deep in Christmas tunes or burying your face in a gallon of adult eggnog -- or you're burying your face in a gallon of adult eggnog because of said Christmas tunes. But we're not total Scrooges up in here! Below is a list of some of Buzzworthy's favorite Christmas classics along with newer, Noel-time tunes. We also threw a few carols in there that make us feel like this cat -- being forced to pose for a photo wearing an uncomfortable reindeer headband to the point where you feel like it's now your life forever and ever. Enjoy! Oh, and Happy Holidays!

Before You Exit, "O' Silent Night": Orlando pop-punk foursome Before You Exit tug at our heartstrings with their version of "O' Silent Night," with exactly the kind of harmonics and haircuts we need to warm the cuckolds of our hearts this holiday season. Wait, what are cuckolds anyway? + Listen to Before You Exit, "O' Silent Night."

Forever The Sickest Kids, "Mistletoe Is For Quitters": A new edition to the pop-punk Christmas song canon, if you will. Forever The Sickest Kids' new single, "Mistletoe Is For Quitters," has little to do with rehab and a lot to do with crying on Christmas. + Listen to Forever The Sickest Kids, "Mistletoe Is For Quitters."

Britney Spears, "My Only Wish": The absolute holy grail of 1990s pop Christmas songs. + Listen to Britney Spears, "My Only Wish."

Run-D.M.C., "Christmas In Hollis": These pioneers of early hip-hop took a little time out in 1987 to let us in on what Christmas is like in Queens. Spoiler alert: average amount of holiday cheer, way more gold chains. + Listen to Run-D.M.C., "Christmas In Hollis."

Lady Gaga, "Christmas Tree": You have to hand it to Lady Gaga -- she released this song and STILL became one of the richest women on the planet. It's no "Bad Romance," but it's still worth listening to due to the fact that she had the cojones to compare her... muffin... to a... delicious Christmas tree? + Listen to Lady Gaga, "Christmas Tree."

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*NSYNC, "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays": A still frosted-tipped Justin Timberlake led us and the other *NSYNC lads on a sled to a magical Christmas land where no one thought your obscenely oversized sweater was a problem (the '90s) and "everything's OK -- Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!" + Listen to *NSYNC, "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays."

The Pretenders, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas": Leave it to Chrissie Hynde to make a yuletide greeting kind of sound like an eff-off anthem. #ForeverPretendersEverything + Listen to The Pretenders, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas."

Adam Sandler, "The Chanukah Song": THE essential parody song about Chanukah. Also, maybe the only Chanukah song there is to pick from. + Listen to Adam Sandler, "The Chanukah Song."

The Waitresses, "Christmas Wrapping": This perennial pop Christmas song, originally released in 1980, starts out as a total Scrooge-y bummer, but all's well that ends well -- the girl gets her guy, and hopefully the guy gave the girl a great present. + Listen to The Waitresses, "Christmas Wrapping."

NewSong, "The Christmas Shoes": This SUPER SAD Xmas tune is about a little boy wanting to buy his dying mother a nice pair of shoes so she'll look nice before she goes to heaven. [Insert 10 sad faces.] Might want to leave it off of your Christmas party playlist, TBH. + Listen to NewSong, "The Christmas Shoes."

A Day To Remember, "Right Where You Want Me To Be": A Day To Remember's Christmas party in this video is right were you want to be when in reality you're trying to break up a political argument between your dad and your uncle while your ham's getting cold. + Listen to A Day To Remember, "Right Where You Want Me To Be."

Julian Casablancas, "I Wish It Was Christmas Today": When The Strokes frontman took this joke Christmas song from a "Saturday Night Live" skit and made it a real, lo-fi three-minute tune, no one was complaining. + Listen To Julian Casablancas, "I Wish It Was Christmas Today."

Mariah Carey, "All I Want For Christmas Is You": The be-all and end-all ultimate pop Christmas song. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is so good we listen to it all year. + Listen to Mariah Carey, "All I Want For Christmas Is You."