Star Spotting: Yes, Justin Bieber Actually Drives His Batmobile

Credit: Splash News

We were kidding about Justin Bieber having the most powerful connections in the world when he got a bro-hug from President Obama, but dude's not playing -- he even gets full-on access to Batman's wheels! Technically it's a tricked-out Cadillac CTS-V that looks like the superhero's Batmobile, but it's not AT ALL nerdy because Justin's driving it. (Wink, wink.) It beats showing up to the party in your parents' '97 Dodge Caravan.

The "Mistletoe" singer was snapped wearing a svelte ensemble to match his equally sleek matte black car while arriving to a bowling alley in L.A. last night. We can't even begin to imagine the mayhem that ensued when people discovered Bieber throwing strikes only a few lanes down from their own, but the more important question: Did Justin rent or bring his own bowling shoes? If he rented and we owned that alley, we'd never spray the inside of those heartthrob-rented kicks again -- then start the bidding ungodly high on eBay. Gross? Yes. Smart? Absolutely.