Katy Perry Is MTV's Best Artist Of 2011! Drake, Beyonce, Lady Gaga + More Land In The Top 10

The year-end list to end all year-end lists has finally been revealed (#humblebrag) -- MTV has officially named their Best Artists of 2011! And just like we did for the Best Songs of 2011, Buzzworthy Managing Editor Tamar Anitai and I sat down with a few colleagues to discuss the tight race. Check out what we had to say (and politely not say) on the Best Artists of 2011 debate.

Justin Bieber rounded out the top 10 as his record-breaking 3D movie "Never Shout Never" and top-selling Christmas album Under The Mistletoe kept his momentum going from 2010. Lil Wayne and Supermom Beyonce scored high as well, while Rihanna found love at No. 6. Lady Gaga and Adele held out for the ladies in the top five, and Kanye West and Jay-Z's Throne collaboration landed them at No. 4.

But it was Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry who went head-to-head for the No. 1 spot. Even though "Super Bass" was the song that made Nicki a certifiable household name, in the end it was Katy Perry who was just a (pink) hair more inescapable this year -- she's still pumping SIX singles from her alllllmost Michael Jackson-record-breaking 2010 album Teenage Dream. We know what you guys are thinking: "Yesterday 'Firework' came in at No. 10 on MTV's Best Songs of 2011 list. How can Katy Perry be the Best Artist of 2011?!" Well, therein lies the genius of Ms. Perry. And our argumentative skills.

+ All this week, MTV will reveal the best artists, songs and movies of the year. Come to MTV News each day to see more big reveals and check out more of MTV's Best of 2011 music, TV, movies, and news coverage.