New Video: Young Jeezy, 'Nothin'

Credit: WireImage

It's easy being Young Jeezy. That's the subject of the MC's latest video, "Nothin," in which he shows "up at the spot with the choppas," "cleared the block" and "made it from the bottom to the top," all like nothin'. We're sensing a theme!

In case you missed it, though, the track's title keeps popping up in a screen-filling drop-shadow font straight from a Def Jam intern's Microsoft WordArt collection. Other text that appears: "Rewind," "Lady Friends," (Jeezy is a gentleman) "Get Your's" (Jeezy! Learn about apostrophes!), "Going Hard" and "Nice Ring." It's basically "Sesame Street" for hustling.

The rapper gets around, too, playing poker, hanging out by himself on a rooftop, rapping in a lens flare-filled basement, robbing a safe -- you know, typical Friday night. Young Jeezy's TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition drops on Tuesday, three years after 2008's "The Recession," and we're blaming the bad economy on the Jeezy drought. How have we hustled this long without him? "One thing I was taught is you don't rush greatness," he told MTV's "RapFix Live," and we can't argue with that.

Pick up the new jawn and you'll get the accompanying documentary "A Hustlerz Ambition," where we're sure he'll drop more gangsta words of wisdom (and hopefully some cooler fonts).

+ Watch Young Jeezy's "Nothing" video.