New Video: 50 Cent, 'Wait Until Tonight'

Right at the start of 50 Cent's "Wait Until Tonight" video, a sweet little flutter of harp strings signals that we're slipping into a dream sequence -- and what a steamy dream it is. A super-smooth slow jam that samples R&B legend Bobby Womack's "If You Think You're Lonely Now," the third cut from "The Big 10" mixtape has Fitty fantasizing about all the sexy-time fun he's got planned for his girl once she gets home.

And it's not hard to see what's got him all hot and bothered: "Wait Until Tonight" stars flame-haired model/video vixen Diana Escotto (aka Mizz DR), who looks just as fly in huge hipster glasses and comfy blue jeans as she does dancing around 50 Cent's flat in cherry-red lingerie.

Directed by Jackson Smith, the beautifully shot "Wait Until Tonight" gives us many a glimpse into '50s daydreams, which both include a face-sucking session atop his bed and a solo soak in the tub for Diana (with dozens of red rose petals clouding the water, of course). Finally, after stopping for some street food and hailing a cab in killer heels, Mizz DR returns home to find her man innocently munching on a green apple. So cute that 50 Cent can make time for a healthy snack, even in the midst of all that sexy scheming.

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