PHOTOS: Buzzworthy Boyfriends!

We talk a lot here at Buzzworthy about the dudes we write about and how much we want to hang out with them. Solo. In an intimate setting. With low lighting. So we figured, let's just take this thing all the way and make them the seventh-grade locker pinups we want them to be! For the perpetual seventh-grader we actually are.

With a little help from Photoshop, we added some stickers and doodles and little whatnots to photos of our favorite Buzzworthy dudes for our BUZZWORTHY BOYFRIENDS PHOTO GALLERY! Like this classy photo of Joe Jonas wearing a bow tie -- we slapped a Lisa Frank bear on there right next to a cartoon hot dog. Because duh! Those are all things we express exactly how we ultimately feel for Joe Jonas... Actually, don't read into that too much.

Take a look at some our Bop magazine-inspired photos of our favorite guys below, and check out more Buzzworthy boyfriends at the BUZZWORTHY BOYFRIENDS PHOTO GALLERY. And, OMG, call me later because I have something to tell you about Erica. You'll never believe what happened in gym class!!! XOXO, LYLAS!

Credit all photos: MTV

Sure, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine's IRL girlfriend is a Victoria's Secret model, but I never let that stop me before -- I have a 401(k) plan and great jokes. And I still wear my retainer on most nights of the week. Call me, Adam!

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Technically, yes, it is illegal for us to want Justin Bieber to be our boyfriend. But dude knows how to treat a lady right! (Cough, cough, $10,000/night hotel rooms!)

Drake + Garfield eating pizza = the best combination of things ever. Actually us + Drake would = the best combination of things ever.

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