POSTED: Foster The People On Originality, Their 'Dog Whisperer' Dreams

Foster The People is's Posted artist for the gift-giving month of December, and we've got more goods for you to unwrap! Last week, the indie rockers chatted about the success of "Pumped Up Kicks" and divulged secrets on writing the ultimate lyrics. We even sweetened the deal with the premiere of their new video, "Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)."

First up, a video clip of Foster The People dishing about staying original. "I never try to write the same song twice. If I'm writing a song and I'm enjoying it, then I know other people will enjoy it as well." The band continues about not wanting to re-create previous hits: "Hopefully we'll have 20 other songs that have the same life span that 'Kicks' has had."

FTP also let us in on one of their more hilarious goals: having their songs serve as a soundtrack to "The Dog Whisperer." The band admits that it's one of their favorites TV shows and openly pitches the idea to the show's host. We'd actually prefer if the show was about whispering Foster The People tunes to the dogs! Just us?

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+Watch Foster The People discuss original songwriting below, and check out more videos after the jump.