Star Spotting: Fergie Shows Us How To Do Retirement Right

Credit: Getty Images

Now that the Black Eyed Peas are on an official hiatus (We're heartbroken right along with you, guys -- where will we get our boom boom pow now?), Fergie can devote her time to performing more wifelike duties for hubby Josh Duhamel -- like being gorgeous arm candy. Hey, girl's rock star status may be taking a breather, but that doesn't mean she can't go out and party like one.

The "Just Can't Get Enough" singer and her husband enjoyed a date night while they attended the launch of "We Can Be Anything" at The Conga Room in L.A. Fergie may be "retired" at the moment, but she worked a black fitted leather dress and heels like it was her full-time job. Take note, y'all: Having a long-term vacay doesn't give you the authority to wear sweatpants in public.

We're just happy Fergie and Josh are getting some QT together -- they deserve it! It's got to be hard being a super pretty couple balancing their hectic schedules. Besides, Fergie's been busting her hump, her hump, her lovely lady lump for far too long.