T. Mills Talks Hooking Up, Dream Collaborators And Face Tattoos (VIDEO)

I'm not saying that T. Mills' "F*** Em (With My Vans On)" is one of the most played songs in my iTunes because I NEVER use curse words and that would be crude -- actually, JK, I am saying that. I can't stop listening! So when I had the chance to sit down with the up-and-coming rapper, I had a hard time not blushing. I even asked him about the song in question. Scandalz!

While T. is still working his way up the rapper hierarchy, he's not letting his n00b-ness get in the way. When it comes to collabos, he's aiming high: "Anything that I could do with Kanye West would be like -- that's like the stamp for me to know that I've kind of made it." (We'll put in a call for you, bro. See what we can do. #justkidding #wewish) As for who he'd like to collaborate with romantically, we weren't really surprised by his answer: "Nicki Minaj! Just 'cause that new [Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj "Ass (Remix)"] video is..." OK OK, WE GET IT.

When we asked him about sticking to his word, T. Mills confessed that he will actually... romance a girl with his Vans on. "If she asks me to, yeah. You know, it's all up to her." Chivalry personified, ladies and gentlemen. But as his face tattoo would tell us: "FTH" (aka "f*** the haters").

+ Hear more about his hookup horror stories and who else he'd like to work with in T. Mills' video interview below.