Star Spotting: We The Kings' Travis Clark And Cody Simpson Bro Out, Wear Necklaces

Credit: @travisclark

Just in case you're ever feeling too young (LOLLLL), remind yourself that Cody Simpson was born in 1997. That will bring you right back down to Earth. The "Not Just You" crooner and We The Kings' frontman Travis Clark recently performed a show together, and Travis tweeted this photo. He said, "Chillin backstage with my boy sharing Aussie stories!" I wonder if they also shared great-place-to-find-guy-necklaces stories. Those are always riveting.

We knew Travis was friends with Demi Lovato, but now he's snatching up Cody Simpson, too? Unfair, Trav. How do you do it? Is it your really down-to-earth personality? Or the fact that you seriously seem chill as hell and completely zen about everything so people can't help but want to be your friend? No, I don't think it's any of those things. It's got to be your hair. LOOK AT IT. It's lustrous. LUSTROUS, I TELL YOU!