Watch Hot Chelle Rae Make Christmas Cookies, Remind Us It's The Thought That Counts

Hot Chelle Rae, one of our favorite breakthrough bands of 2011, recently stopped by MTV HQ to record a little acoustic set for us, and it was really hard to contain our excitement (as in... I might have "had to use the bathroom" near the studio about 100 times while they were here). And because Avril was so good at making Christmas cookies, we asked the "I Like It Like That" boys to show us their kitchen skills by decorating some Christmas cookies, too,  the thought being maybe all adorable singers are good at decorating Christmas cookies. Um, and let's just say if this had been a coloring competition, Hot Chelle Rae would be WAY outside the lines.

Lead singer Ryan Follese acted as MC and judge for the holiday baked goods bonanza, while Nash, Ian and Jamie duked it out in three rounds of decorating madness. And we don't think we're going out on a limb by asking these dudes to keep their day jobs -- their "decorated" cookies are some of the wackest desserts we've ever seen. I'm talking to you specifically, Jamie: WHAT was that star cookie?! Those ornaments are for AMBIANCE, not consumption. Oh well. Points awarded for creativity (and because you're very cute). To Hot Chelle Rae's cookie-making credit, they were only allotted 30 seconds per cookie. Lesser artists might've crumbled under such high stakes... Get it? Crumbled? HA!

After Hot Chelle Rae finished up playing merry cookie-making elves, we got a chance to eat the leftovers (I know, I haven't washed my hands since in the hopes I'm living with some kind of HCR DNA on me). The results? Two thumbs-up for taste, "A" for effort, but a solid "D+" for execution. Just being honest!

+ See which member of Hot Chelle Rae wins the cookie competition in the video below, and watch their "Buzzworthy Live" performance of "I Like It Like That" after the jump.