New Video: Gym Class Heroes Featuring Neon Hitch, 'Ass Back Home'

Credit: WireImage

Gym Class Heroes are really into collaborations right now, guys. First, they grabbed Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine for their track “Stereo Hearts," then they got OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder on "The Fighter." Now they've teamed up with pop goddess and "Gucci Gucci" cover queen Neon Hitch.

GCH and Neon's collabo is titled "Ass Back Home," and it's the second single off Gym Class' latest album, The Papercut Chronicles II. Both the song and the video speak of the hardships that come with being in a long-distance relationship and wishing that your loved one's ass was, well, back home where it belongs. Shot while Neon and GCH were on tour in Europe, a fiery redhaired Neon Hitch plays Travie McCoy's love interest as she cries: "I don't know where you're going/Or when you're coming home.../I don't know where you're going/Get your ass back home."

In his own words, Travie explained to Ryan Seacrest, who premiered the video yesterday: "'Ass Back Home' is all about trying to keep a relationship going while we're all out on the road all the time. The song was actually inspired by Matt's [Gym Class Heroes' drummer] relationship with his girlfriend and realizing why he is so zen on the road."

OK, sure, maybe saying "Get your ass back home" isn't the gentlest way to beg your significant other to come back to you, but it's a blunt and direct approach that we completely appreciate. Our suggestion is that you hop on a plane, Segway, golf cart or whatever the eff it takes to get yo' asses back home to your boyfriends and girlfriends. Like, STAT. And bring some damn flowers while you're at it.

+ Watch Gym Class Heroes featuring Neon Hitch, "Ass Back Home."