Roisin Murphy, Cassie, Goldfrapp + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week!

As the year draws to close, a whole bunch of 2012's most anticipated acts have begun teasing out tracks from their upcoming albums. We'll explore some new tracks from pop royalty -- from the luscious disco pulsations of the Irish Queen of Disco, to the promising new twinklings from a U.K. pop princess, to the fiyah hot club beats from a soon-to-be reigning U.S. R&B princess.

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1.) Róisín Murphy, "Simulation"

Before Lady Gaga was waving around a disco stick and affixing those adorable hair bows to her head, quirky U.K. songstress Róisín Murphy was already twirling around in furry puffball fashions and avant garde oversize hats, belting out solid disco-pop smashes such as "Overpowered" and "Let Me Know."

As fans continue to wait with bated breath for Murphy's follow-up to her glorious 2007 record Overpowered, a new track has surfaced from the Irish Queen of Disco: "Simulation," an epic 9-minute throbfest of coos, moans and sensual sighs.

Like Donna Summer's grand masterpiece "I Feel Love," Murphy sighs and purrs above a series of space-age synthesizers and vintage beats in the most naughty of ways. "This is a simulation," she advises on repeat. The result is a gorgeous slice of stimulating deep house pulsations, all but destined to get you hot and bothered. + LISTEN TO ROISIN MURPHY, "SIMULATION"

2.) Morgan Page featuring Tegan & Sara, "Body Work"

Two years ago, indie folk-pop sister duo Tegan & Sara teamed up with unlikely collaborator Tiesto in the studio to record "Feel It In My Bones," an almighty house anthem that proved to be one of the shining highlights on the Dutch DJ's sensational indie-meets-dance 2009 record Kaleidoscope.

Now the girls are back to bump up the BPM some more: After hopping into the studio with producer/DJ Morgan Page, the duo present "Body Work," a surging EDM smash due out on Page's 2012 album. "You do your body work/I feel my pulse working overtime," the girls declare on repeat as the track builds and builds, at last unleashing into an insane, hands-in-the-air explosion of alarm noises and booming beats.

At this point, can someone just tell the girls to get on with it and record a dance album already? It would slay the world over! + LISTEN TO MORGAN PAGE FEATURING TEGAN & SARA, "BODY WORK"

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3.) Cassie, "Gimme That"

Between Me & U, there's only one artist I'm as excited to see take off in 2012 as Madonna -- and that's Cassie. Ever since the icy R&B princess released her delicious debut back in 2006, Cassie's follow-up campaign has been endlessly mired by release date pushbacks and mismanaged releases for more than five years.

But not anymore (well, hopefully): Last week, the singer unveiled the jaw-droppingly fierce teaser trailer for her upcoming new single "King of Hearts," proving two things: (1) Cassie is very much back, and (2) who needs a shirt when you've got two strategically placed leather straps to work with?

At the same time that the trailer premiered, a brand-new track from Cassie's upcoming album sessions also surfaced on the net: "Gimme That," a positively scorching house thumper that merges the drippy goodness of Kelly Rowland's "Motivation" with a David Guetta-style banger. "Can't you tell the way I move it I can handle that?" Cassie teases during the chorus. It's an outrageously ferocious banga -- proving yet again that Cassie's got a Long Way 2 Go before she ever stops slaying the haters. + LISTEN TO CASSIE'S "GIMME THAT"

4.) Goldfrapp, "Yellow Halo"

Synth-pop duo Goldfrapp have been supplying some of the most cherished electronic gems over the past decade, from the grinding, gritty "Strict Machine" all the way to the bubbly, '80s-encrusted synth-pop of "Rocket." To kick off the release of their upcoming 2012 greatest hits collection (entitled The Singles), the duo have lifted off with a brand-new single: "Yellow Halo," a gorgeously airy moment of lush electronica and soft-spoken coos. Like something off of their 2008 studio album Seventh Tree, Alison Goldfrapp gently croons above ambient instrumentation and gentle beats.

It's an absolutely dreamy affair, yet another masterpiece that proves Goldfrapp's true genius lies in the clouds. + LISTEN TO GOLDFRAPP, "YELLOW HALO"

5.) Diana Vickers, "Music To Make The Boys Cry"

With her odd, warbling voice (à la Ellie Goulding) and an infectiously girlish personality, "X Factor UK" alum Diana Vickers provided just the right touch of cute and quirky on her essential 2010 debut, Songs From the Tainted Cherry Tree.

While the talented young vocalist prepares her second go-around on the U.K. music scene, she's just unleashed a new taste of things to come: "Music to Make The Boys Cry." Set on top of bouncy, '80s-friendly synthesizers crafted by Norwegian synth-pop act Donkeyboy, Vickers relishes in her newfound freedom: "Tonight, my feet are moving to a different beat/It's alright, I've always liked my romance bittersweet," she croons above the twinkling beat.

Although it's just a tease for now, "Music" proves that Vickers has found her groove once again, and it's going to be good -- real good. Job well done! + LISTEN TO DIANA VICKERS, "MUSIC TO MAKE THE BOYS CRY"

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