Willow Smith On Hair Whipping, Schoolwork And What She Wants For Christmas (VIDEO)

You would think that professional hair whipper Willow Smith would bust into an interview turned all the way up to 11. But such is not the case for the "Fireball" singer. We sat down with her just a short while ago to ask her all the pressing questions (Chores! Christmas gifts! Favorite YouTube video!), and she was one of the calmest people we've ever interviewed! Just one more friendly reminder not to judge a book by its cover.

"She didn't give me any advice," Willow said about Nicki Minaj, her "Fireball" co-star, "But we hung out, and it was awesome!" Spoken like a true 11-year-old. (Never grow up, Willow. Justin Bieber has already let us down!) As for the dance craze she started with her song "Whip My Hair," the littlest Smith isn't actually sick of people wanting to show her how much they've practiced. "It doesn't get old. They're fans and I love them and it's just a fun game to play." It's also a dangerous game. Read: possible neck brace scenario.

As for what she wants for Christmas, it's... NOTHING! Willow gave us the sweetest answer ever: "I have everything that I would possibly imagine. I have a family that loves me and that's... more than most kids have. And it's really awesome for me to experience this life... because most kids don't have this life, and I'm trying to reach out to them and help them." Yes, an 11-year-old is more selfless than you. Feel ashamed!

+ Watch Willow Smith's interview below to learn more about her favorite YouTube video, where she sees herself five years from now and more. Also, don't feel bad about drooling over that jacket. (It's custom!)