Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift! Here Are Photos Of You Covered In Cats!

The closest thing America has to a princess, Taylor Swift, turns 22 years old today! And instead of getting her that "White Horse" she's been singing about, WE ADDED A BUNCH OF CATS TO PHOTOS OF HER! Thanks to the magic and genius that is CatPaint, we were able to add cats in various states of laziness to photos of Taylor Swift in various states of... being Taylor Swift. A win for everyone involved!

We're thinking the new cat owner (and forever cat lover) is going to cherish these pics forever and ever, and then call us for lunch, and then invite us to her birthday party, and then become our BFF. (Fingers crossed!) If none of those things, then Taylor Swift will at least laugh hysterically at these ridiculous pictures of her with obviously fake cats, and that's enough for us. Happy birthday, Taylor, and see where else you hung out with your cat friends on your birthday (Inception!) in TAYLOR SWIFT'S CAT-COVERED BIRTHDAY PHOTO GALLERY!

Credit all photos: Getty Images/CatPaint

While this photo of Taylor Swift holding up her famous hand-heart to the audience is already perfect, we just upped the ante with the best cat in the CatPaint pile. Thank you, CatPaint creators, for we have made ourselves (and most likely Ms. Swift) so, so happy.

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