New Video: Yuna, 'Someone Out Of Town'

You may know Malaysian songstress Yuna for her somber, slowed-down electro-folk cover of Nirvana's "Come as You Are," a rendition that turned the grunge classic into a pillow-soft ballad. The singer’s back with another sleepy-time hit, the long-distance love song, "Someone Out of Town." Her sing-song melody and breathy voice should push your Feist buttons, if you're into that sort of thing.

The video, all blues and reds, is as sexy as it is dangerous: The camera keeps panning to the singer's lush lips in between shots of flames and blinding lights. (David Lynch is worldwide, guys!) But the weird vibes go with the lyrics' own spook factor: "Who is this stranger?/I should be scared," she sings in the chorus before adding, "I wish I didn't fall so hard for you." Who is this dude? Be careful, bb!

Yuna will join 2NE1, La Vida Boheme and Gyptian at MTV Iggy's first-ever Best New Band in the World concert today (!!!), so peep her new video below and click on over to see her (gently, like a sleeping baby) rock Times Square.

+ Watch Yuna's "Someone Out of Town" video.