Justin Bieber And President Obama Bro Hug It Out (PHOTO)

Credit: Getty Images

Seeing a snapshot of the two most influential dudes in the world (are we wrong?) hugging it out is like witnessing the glorious birth of Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby in person a gigantic moment in American history -- this is a realllllly big deal. Sure, President Obama runs an entire country while Justin Bieber merely dominates the radio airwaves, but power is power, y'all. Game recognize game.

The "Mistletoe" singer was invited to perform at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., this past weekend for the "Christmas in Washington" concert. Earlier in the day, Bieber wasn't feeling too hot when he tweeted, "Waking up with a bad cold ... weather change. but will be ready for CHRISTMAS in WASHINGTON. #resting." Bro kept his promise and powered through the germs to perform holiday hits. 'Cause even Justin knows that when you RSVP to the president's party, YOU SHOW UP.

After the show, Justin Bieber tweeted, "Thank U! Great night! President Obama is one cool Prez. He told me he was 'chillin.' #PresidentalSWAG." But we're pretty sure no one thought the president was as cool as his two young daughters did. Their dad is the leader of the free world, but now he's also tight with the Biebs. Priorities, people.