Star Spotting: Britney Spears Blows Out Her Belated Birthday Candles LIKE A QUEEN

Credit: @britneyspears

It's kind of obvious that we love the way Britney Spears does basically everything. And now we can add the way Britney Spears blows out birthday candles to that list. Umm, that face? UHHHH-dorable. But you guys already knew that.

Britney made a wish at her belated birthday party/tour wrap party recently, and we got to see the very moment it went down thanks to the internet. (Thanks again, world wide web magic!) Brit tweeted, "Having an amazing time at my end of tour/belated bday party!" along with the pic above, and we immediately thought (along with the rest of her 11 million followers), "OMG THOSE CANDLES ARE SO LUCKY."

What do you guys think she wished for? She's not exactly your regular, everyday 30-year-old mom, so I'm guessing it's not a new coffeemaker or free babysitting coupons from her down-the-street neighbor. I'm gonna go with a paparazzi-free week. We hope that wish comes true for you, girl!

Check out MTV's video birthday wish to Britney below.