New Video: The All-American Rejects, 'Somebody's Gone'

Credit: Getty Images

The completely torturous wait for new material from The All-American Rejects has now thankfully come to an end. In anticipation of their forthcoming album (due out sometime in spring 2012!) the boys have released a teaser track and video, a song called "Somebody's Gone." In their own words: "We wanted to give fans an early candy cane for the holidays and this song is the teeth of the record. The video, directed by Jon Danovic, was conceived in one day and shot the next day in one take. Hope it bites you and gives you a mark."

At the top of the video lead singer Tyson Ritter gets bombarded by about eight billion pairs of hands who seem to be really intent on petting his head. Cut to a scene of a crazy, now ex-girlfriend freaking out, packing her bags and moving out of what we're assuming is AAR headquarters. Tyson fights with his ex but he doesn't get too far -- she punches him out and gives him a fat lip. Dude's a rockstar though, so he totally rallies and gets ready to perform with his band.

We're not quite sure we're tuned into all the video's nuances, but Tyson's survived his brutal beat down just in time to put the finishing touches on his brand new disc. No. 1 albums are always the best revenge, anyway.

+ Watch The All American-Reject's "Somebody's Gone" video, and check out Tyson Ritter talking about All-American Rejects' new music after the jump.