New Video: T-Pain, 'Let Me Talk'

T-Pain's going au naturel, guys. This past May, T-Pain announced his retirement from Auto-Tune, and he recently performed sans robotic effects on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" So how'd he fair? Pretty damn well, if you ask us, and his winning streak continues with his new video "Let Me Talk."

While "Let Me Talk" doesn't appear on T-Pain's current rEVOLVEr album, the video was produced and directed by T-Pain himself and is said to be a gift "for the fans." The former Auto-Tune lover is surrounded by expensive cars and a bevvy of hot model chicks as he sings, "Swag on a thousand/Imma hop up out the Lamborghini/And jump back in the Ferrari/Rob me/Hundred miles an hour/Passing by you lanes/I am in the fast lane."

After chilling with the hot babes and admiring his pricey vehicles, T-Pain randomly finds himself in a room full of old TVs and a bunch of those red chattering teeth wind-up toys. Yeah, no clue, though if we had to take an educated guess, we'd say the wind-up mouths are a metaphor for the media who simply won't let T-Pain speak his mind (what up, eighth-grade English).

I'm no studio expert of anything but I'm definitely positive I could have sworn I heard a tiny bit of Auto-Tune up in that jam -- not as prevalent as a full-blown robot, but maybe a baby robot just learning how to sing. Whatever, we're on T-Pain's team with or without the help of any musical enhancements.

+ Watch T-Pain's "Let Me Talk" video.