Video Premiere: Carishma, 'Glow In The Dark'

Everyone knows that all epic romances are born at middle-of-the-night beach parties where some crazy-eyed, body-paint-streaked dude bangs away at his bongos while the rest of the guests writhe all around him. Or maybe not. Still, sparks are seriously flying in the debut video from Carishma, the dance-pop newcomer who recently teamed up with Timbaland on a track called "Keep Hangin' On." Directed by Taj Stansberry (whose video for "My Last" by Big Sean featuring Chris Brown nabbed a Best New Artist nomination at the 2011 VMAs), "Glow In The Dark" begins with Carishma dancing alone on an empty beach and daydreaming about the boy she's crushing on. The video cuts between shots of Carishma and her dude (also alone on the beach, and probably violating trespassing laws by standing atop a lifeguard house, but we're willing to overlook it for a good dance track) before bringing them together at that bonkers beach party (complete with bare-chested fire-breathers, of course).

"Glow In The Dark," the first single off Carishma's upcoming debut record, mixes old-school Britney bubble gum with a dreamy guitar riff and sexy, hypnotic beat that perfectly matches Carishma's dance goddess-y persona. A singer/dancer/actress who starred in the HBO movie "Star of Jaipur" at the age of 9, Carishma complements her smooth-as-silk voice with a glammed-up yet natural look that more than justifies the video's many costume changes (check out that bejeweled fingerless glove in the first few shots!! WANT!!). The segment at the song's bridge -- in which a bikini-clad, hair-whipping Carishma performs a solo dance routine while encircled by tiki torches -- might be a bit intense, but hey, we've all done stranger things in the name of love.

+ Watch Carishma's "Glow In The Dark" video.

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