New Tattoo Alert! Demi Lovato's Latest Ink (PHOTO)


Demi Lovato just got inked y'all. And no, I don't mean sprayed with deadly black goo from a giant octopus (that'd be a total bummer) -- Dem's got a new tattoo!

Yesterday along with a pic of her new tat, Demi tweeted: "Sometimes you just gotta have a little bit of......" While my parents have basically admitted they would disown me if I got a tattoo (though I may eventually get one in an act of pure rebellion), I'm a huge fan of tattoos in general. I think Demi's is cute, classy and totally age-appropriate. It's the perfect blend of spirituality and coolness, and embodies Demi's dedication to staying strong.

If for some reason you're not 100 percent on top of all things Demi like we are, let us remind you that this isn't Demi's first time at the tattoo rodeo. This May, Demi dedicated a heart tattoo to her fans: "It's something that my fans were actually drawing on their wrists while I was still in treatment. Some people even got tattoos of it, so I wanted to show you guys that I will never forget the support that you guys gave me."

What we've learned here is that Demi is not only badass enough to rock some dope ink, but she's also sweet enough to dedicate that ink to her most loyal stans... which is reason No. 4,578 that we love this lady.