New Video: Willow Smith Featuring Nicki Minaj, 'Fireball'

Credit: Roc Nation/Columbia

I've been waiting for Willow Smith's "Fireball" video to debut ever since I saw that super adorbz picture of the entire Smith clan posing with their newly "adopted daughter," Nicki Minaj. The full version of the Hype Williams-directed "Fireball" finally premiered last night on "106 & Park" and honestly, I'm not even sure where to begin. Do I start with the massive fireball that's seen whizzing through the night sky? Do I begin by mentioning the sick dancing that goes down in the middle of a blocked-off street? Or maybe I should start by talking about the fact that Willow Smith is wearing the the exact same, super fly, high-waisted leopard pants I've been searching for since like, 2006. (Gurl, tweet me where you got those, 'kay?)

After Willow rocks some more dance moves, Nicki pops onto the scene and blinds even the brightest fireball with her en fuego pink getup. Decked in a pink dress that can only be described as "Pretty Pretty Princess-chic," Nicki and Willow rock out together and look like the most badass pair of siblings you've ever seen. And yes, while both Nicki and Willow are professional hip-hop stars to be taken seriously, I can't help but fantasize about the cute, girly slumber parties that could go down between this duo. Ya know, Willow applying pink polish to Nicki's nails while Nicki helps Willow pick out a designer outfit for her first school dance. And they can watch "Fireball" while they do it. Totally normal fun BFF stuff.

+ Watch Willow Smith featuring Nicki Minaj, "Fireball."