Cobra Starship Bring The LOLz In A Hilarious Lip Dub Video

We got a hint of Cobra Starship's sense of humor when we received their video updates from the road during September when they were our Posted artist of the month. And we knew these guys probably liked pranks when we saw frontman Gabe Saporta bro-in' down with Justin Bieber in a ski hat -- Justin Bieber just seems like he loves tricking people, doesn't he?!

And now we're still LOLing about a recent video the band made wherein Ryland Blackington is asked to redub an interview the band previously shot due to effed-up audio. And as you might guess, IT'S HYSTERICAL. Ryland gives his best go at an answer Gabe was offering to a table of journalists: "I was five times before your mom, two before the bath, and I pooped." Ryland also royally flubs it when he takes his best guess as to what he himself was saying during the interview: "Sex toys do automatically feel so exhilarating, make you wanna cuddle this ass."

Ryland ISN'T EVEN CLOSE on his guesstimates, but it makes for a totally LOLZ-y video. Be warned though, probably not gonna want to listen to this one around your mom or your boss (NSFW). Also, the phrase at the end -- we can't repeat it but you'll know what we're talking about. SO GOOD/maybe the best new band name ever?

+ Watch Cobra Starship's TERRIBLY OFF lip dub video. (UN POCO NSFW)